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Are you going abroad to teach, now that you have your TEFL qualification? Then visit our parent company's website for details of voluntary placements in 14 countries where you can put your new TEFL skills into practice.

Travellers Worldwide Placements

Teaching in Argentina

ARGENTINA: Teach underprivileged children in Buenos Aires.
Choose from a number of different teaching projects that include children, teenagers or single mothers from deprived or abusive backgrounds in various Homes and Orphanages around Buenos Aires. You may prefer teaching children in Schools or, if you prefer to teach adults, you can work in various institutions such as Community Centres, Hospitals or Churches. We also have a range of option extra activities like Tango or Salsa lessons, or short Spanish Courses.
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Teaching in Australia

AUSTRALIA: Teach Refugee children down under in Perth
Want to do something really worthwhile? Teach English in Perth in Australia to refugee children from war - torn countries. These children come from countries such as Sudan, Somalia and Afghanistan, to begin a new life in safety. You’ll work in the Intensive English Centre set up by one of the schools. Here you will assist the Centre to help refugee children who have come through the United Nations Refugee Programme adapt to their new surroundings in Australia through learning English and sports.
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Teaching in Brazil

BRAZIL: Rewarding Teaching Project with Underprivileged Children
Exciting and rewarding tailor-made projects in a selection of institutes helping a diverse range of students from different backgrounds. Work with very young children where teaching and play are the same, to older children/teenagers, to having more in depth conversations with adults who want to improve their career prospects. As well as conversational English, you can teach music, dance, art, drama, IT and sports.
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Teaching Creche in Brazil

BRAZIL: Teach Children in Creches in Rio de Janeiro or Florianopolis
Fancy teaching little ones who could really use your time, energy and affection? In the beautiful beach town of Florianópolis and inner city Rio, these crèches desperately need voluntary assistance and many 3-6 year olds are waiting for you to come and play! “..many come from broken homes and/or are stricken by poverty. The placement has incredible job satisfaction”.
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Teaching Dance in Brazil

BRAZIL: Teach dance in Rio
If you find joy in dance, join us in Rio and share your passion with kids from local shanty towns... The best thing about this project is that you can teach any kind of dance - the centre is open to anything! They mainly teach ballet, however if you love street dance, belly dancing, Egyptian dancing...or any kind of dancing at all, they'll create a slot in the children's schedule for you to teach it. Anything goes and the kids particularly love learning new styles of dance from around the world.
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Teaching in Brunei

BRUNEI: Teach in Brunei
You could work in a school in a village, by the beach, in the rainforest or in a water village school built on stilts in the Brunei River! You'll work alongside local teachers and expatriate teachers. Everyone gets very excited when a volunteer joins! You’ll get involved with all sorts from helping spoken skills, to drama, netball, dance, making displays and so on.
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Teaching in China

CHINA: Teach in Yangzhou
Teaching in China is real delights... work with children who really want to learn and perhaps learn something from them in return... You’ll assist in one or more schools and centres around Yangzhou where you'll live really become a part of the community. You don't need any qualifications, just be fluent in English and have a desire to learn about a new culture and give something back in return.
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Teaching visually impaired children in China

CHINA: Teach Visually Impaired Children in Beijing
Teach visually impaired children in a special needs comprehensive school that is located in Beijing, near a beautiful river. Your role will be to improve the students' oral English and pronunciation. Teach children who really want to learn and perhaps you'll learn something from them in return. Living and working as part of a school means you will really become a part of the local community.
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Teaching in Ghana

GHANA: Teach Conversational English to Children
Teach English to children in schools. You can also teach other subjects, such as Music, Sports and IT, which are very popular with the children. From 2 weeks to 1 year, you’ll live with a local welcoming host family and teach in a mixture of primary and junior secondary. You are very likely to be in popular demand everywhere - in and out of the classroom! “They were so sweet and put a big smile on my face!".
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Teaching Music in Ghana

GHANA: Teach Music to Disadvantaged Children
Although music is extremely popular amongst the children at the schools, it has been dropped from many schools due to lack of funding. Therefore, as you can imagine, giving the school (and the children) free access to music teaching is a very welcome addition to the school and frequently will be the only access to formal music teaching that the children will get.
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Teaching IT in Ghana

GHANA: Teach IT and Computers to Children
Teaching in Ghana is very satisfying because the children really do want to learn! You can also teach other subjects, such as Music, Sports and English. You will generally be asked to help out with a range of age groups in primary and junior secondary schools. Projects are 2 weeks to 6 months as you choose. No qualifications needed.
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GHANA: Kids Summer Camp
This free Summer Camp allows parents to continue to work during the holidays and the children to have fun, fun, FUN! Games, sports, drama, arts, magic, dance, competitions and more… a summer you’ll never forget, and neither will they.
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GUATEMALA: Teach Conversational English
In Guatemala you can teach conversational English, Music, Drama, Maths, and more, to children and adults. The schools are very colourful and often classes take place outdoors in this beautiful popular town. "I’ve laughed, listened, taught, and sung. It's been great. I will miss their faces!” Class sizes range from 8 to 15 pupils, with ages from 6 upwards.
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GUATEMALA: Teaching in a Crèche
A very deserving placement working with pre-school children, the crèche project in Guatemala is a truly rewarding experience. From babies to children, the crèche project in Guatemala is a truly rewarding experience crying out for enthusiastic volunteers with some time, energy and affection to spare!
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Teaching in India

INDIA: Teach Underprivileged Children
Teach English or IT and combine with Music, Drama, French, Arts and Crafts. An extremely rewarding project based in the fascinating town of Madurai in the South of India! This is a completely flexible project; we place you in the most suitable school depending on your specifications and interests. You choose your age range and preferred subjects!
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Teaching in Kenya

KENYA: Teach Underprivileged Children in Mombasa
The schools we work with are either government or private schools, but in Kenya, unlike many other countries, the private schools are not rich – in fact, most of the schools we work with are very poor, which is why they are so grateful for help from our volunteers! Teaching projects are based in the beautiful seaport of Mombasa. You don't need any qualifications to participate, just lots of enthusiasm to help shape the lives of children and teenagers in a country that really needs it.
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MALAYSIA: Teach Children in Exotic Malaysian Borneo
Teaching placements take place in the exotic Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. You'll teach in primary or secondary schools, located in rural village environments. This is an excellent project where you get to be immersed in the local way of life - a real community experience. No qualifications required.
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Teaching in New Zealand

Teach at a school in the largest city in New Zealand, Auckland. You will be teaching at a school where the children are from underprivileged countries and communities. Many of the children come from different backgrounds and countries such as Somalia, Ethiopia and the South Pacific islands. You will work as an assistant teacher, helping small groups of children in a variety of subjects.
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Teaching in Knysna South Africa

SOUTH AFRICA: Teach Disadvantaged Children in Knysna
Work in the renowned Garden Route, with some of the most beautiful beaches and coastline in the world. You'll help the poorer African and Coloured children in the local community, in Travellers' long-term programme where volunteers have benefited the children over the years. This is a very sociable placement where you'll share accommodation and work with many Travellers volunteers.
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SOUTH AFRICA: Teach or Coach Sports to Underprivileged Children in a Zulu Village
A truly unique teaching location in the heart of Zulu country! Work with local children and see the difference you make to their lives. You can also teach music and dance, and sports, too, if you'd like to do that, or if you have computer or IT skills, they would really love you to teach them. This is a project rich in cultural experience. Make a difference!
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SOUTH AFRICA: Teach Design Technology to Underprivileged Children in Knysna
Design Technology enables children to become free thinking, creative and to use their imagination. The problem is that many of the poorer township schools know little about the subject and are in desperate need for people with design experience to come to their schools, bringing with them their own ideas and hopefully helping to nurture a new generation of design thinkers in South Africa.
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SOUTH AFRICA: Teach Underprivileged Children in Cape Town 
Teach English and other subjects at a school located in the foothills of Table Mountain. The children at the school come from Cape Town's townships and are from poorer backgrounds. Cape Town has a lot to offer with its beautiful beaches, great surf and of course the famous Table Mountain.
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Teaching Drama in Knysna South Africa

SOUTH AFRICA: Teach Drama, Music and Dance in Knysna
On the renowned Garden Route, with some of the most beautiful beaches and coastline in the world. The schools are mainly for the poorer black children in the local community. The kids LOVE drama and music and really get involved! This is a very sociable placement where you’ll make a big difference.
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SRI LANKA: Teach Underprivileged Children in Colombo
You’ll teach in a handful of local schools and an orphanage. A very popular and sociable project working with a variety of children from the poorer sections of the community, from 2 years up to teenagers (and some adults too). Don’t be surprised if a sacred cow wanders into your classroom lesson! No qualifications required.
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SRI LANKA: Teach Underprivileged Children in Rural Wasgamuwa
Go back to basics in the great outdoors in this stunningly beautiful location, helping local people and making a real difference in the community. You’ll teach at the small rural local temple school and perhaps offer these children the possibility of a career outside the laborious paddy farming. Lessons often take place outside in the delightfully green grass!
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THAILAND: Teach Delightful Thai Children in Muak Lek
In the rural village of Muak Lek in this exotic country. You can also teach some other subjects, if you wish. A fascinating cultural experience awaits you in this land of smiles! Embrace Thai culture while assisting others to perfect their English in a small community to the north of Bangkok. You can help teach English and other subjects. No qualifications needed. Free optional Thai lessons!
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ZAMBIA: Teach Underprivileged Children in Livingstone
You can teach anything from English to Maths and Sports to children aged between 2 and 16 years. Teaching takes place in Livingstone town, a quaint but lively area very close to Victoria Falls. Livingstone is a very friendly place and the schools are no exception! Local activities include white-water rafting and canoeing, bungy jumping and Game spotting!
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EMPLOYMENT once you've completed the TEFL course?

We are not an employment agency, but through our representatives abroad we often have knowledge of work opportunities for EFL teachers. We will be happy to pass these details on to you once you've obtained your TEFL certificate, but we can't give a guarantee of employment or suitability.