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Of course one of the most useful things you can do is to take one of our courses! Once you have done this you will probably want to take things further, so we have listed below resources and links that you might find useful.


Listed below are some of the books that our tutors and students have found useful in their TEFL careers and studies:

How to Teach English.  Harmer J.  (Longman)
 A good introduction to the methodology of EFL teaching. Covers all the basics and has exercises to complete. Includes a DVD of TEFL teachers i
n action. (This book is the set text for the TEFL Time distance learning course. A copy of the book is included in the course along with a guide to its study).

TEFL Training

Learning Teaching. Scrivener J. (Macmillan)
 Comprehensive and practical introduction to teaching EFL. Includes photocopiable resource pages.

Practice of English Language Teaching. Harmer J.  (Longman)
 Covers theory, techniques and lesson planning and classroom management.

A-Z of Grammar and Punctuation. Seely J.  (OUP)
 Useful book giving the basics. This book is enclosed with the TEFL Time Weekend Course.

Collins Co Build Series.  (Collins)
 Grammar books and dictionaries aimed at English language learners. Grammar books come in basic, intermediate and advanced versions. Dictionaries have good tips for usage and are well laid out.

TEFL TrainingCollins Pocket Dictionary. (Collins)
 A good ‘everyday’ dictionary, although it is designed for rather large pockets! It contains a large section on writing English for various uses.

Oxford Everyday Grammar.  Seely J.  (OUP)
 Introductory guide to basic grammar in two sections. Practical advice on understanding and using grammar plus a useful glossary.

Practical English Usage.  Swan M.  (Oxford)
 Often called ‘the bible’. Used by a great many TEFL teachers throughout their careers. It gives clear understandable explanations of grammar points and language problems plus more. Entries are listed alphabetically. Course Directors favourite!

1000 Pictures for Teachers to Copy.  Wright A.  (Nelson)
 Contains pictures which teachers can copy (or photocopy) to help illustrate points when teaching or creating resources. Includes guidance on their use.

Five Minute Activities.  Ur P.  (Cambridge)
 Contains 130 short activities for the language classroom. A very useful resource. Course Directors favourite!

Grammar Games.   Rinvolucri  M.  (Cambridge)
 Useful book of games for all levels to use in the classroom - cognitive, affective and drama.

Teaching Tenses.  Aitken R.  (ELB)
 Useful book of ideas for teaching tenses and verb patterns.

Essential Grammar in Use. (elementary)
English Grammar in Use. (intermediate)
 Murphy R.  (Cambridge)
 Self study workbooks for students, but very useful for teachers as well. Get the editions with answers in the back, also available with CD ROM giving additional practice material.

New Headway.  Soars J, & Soars L. (Oxford)
 A very well known language course for all levels of student. Materials include course books with additional workbooks and teacher guides. Audio cassettes and videos are also available. Used by a great many language schools and most EFL teachers eventually encounter it in their careers.

Mother Tongue. Bryson B.  (Penguin)
 Popular and interesting book on the origin and structure of the English language

Teaching English Abroad Griffith S.  (Vacation Work Publications)
 Useful information for anyone thinking of teaching abroad. Covers courses, job hunting and has a guide to TEFL in 87 countries.

Some good resources for TEFL lesson plans and games can be found on the internet, or simply type ‘TEFL lesson plans/games’ into a search engine.

TEFL TrainingMost books are available from good bookstores e.g. Waterstones or Foyles, although only the larger stores will stock a range of titles.
 On-line, has most of the titles.
 Keltic International ( are a specialist provider of ELT materials. They stock a huge range and also issue a catalogue in book form.

BEBC (Bournemouth English Book Centre) ( are another specialist provider with an extensive online range. They also publish a comprehensive catalogue in book form.

EL Gazette   By subscription or from libraries.
 English language journal containing news, articles and advertisements.

TES (Times Education Supplement). From newsagents, every Friday or in libraries.
 Articles on all forms of education but mainly aimed at schools. Most schools in England and many from abroad advertise their vacancies in the jobs sections. A few EFL posts included.

As with most topics, websites for EFL come and go at an alarming rate. Some are given below but this list was out of date even before we had finished typing it! If you find useful websites that you feel should be included in this list, please contact us, details at bottom of the page. Excellent source for voluntary work in 21 countries. Specialist supplier of ELT materials. Massive range. Information on CELTA.

Cambridge Online dictionary. General information on news, jobs, courses, plus advertisements. EFL resources and lessons. A good source of test to download. English language journal with articles, adverts and jobs. Good source of classroom activities. Education jobs on-line. Courses, language schools and jobs. Information centre and on-line store. Specialist supplier of ELT materials. Massive range. Information source for jobs, courses and booksellers. British national corpus. Contains a collection of samples of written and spoken English – huge resource. Jobs, courses, lesson plans.

Free games and quizzes, plus games for purchase. News and job search (Times Educational Supplement) Information on trinity certificate. Activities for ESL Students The Internet TESL Journal Job adverts and information on TEFL opportunities in SE Asia and the Far East. TEFL jobs resource site.   Tips, Tools & Resources for ESL Teachers.  International Job search resource for English Teachers  Dave’s ESL café – a useful resource for TEFL teachers  Paid jobs overseas for British citizens arranged by the British Council  Learn English as a second language in a user-friendly environment.   TEFL Tips has heaps of info about teaching English at home or abroad as well as living and working overseas.
  • Useful Links Find our what you can bring back from your travels and what you cant. Do you live in Sussex? You may be eligible to apply for funding for the TEFL Time course through FE Sussex, a charity supporting further education and training. Please contact them directly for further details.